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ha! they can’t beat us!

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more character scribble

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flight packs equipped! OK let’s fly

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wahahaha I miss my scanner #illustration

But I do like actual cake.


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I have a lot of feelings you guys.

I have a girl crush on BoA’s backup dancers Aya & Bambi.  

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MUAHAHAHA mini-comic by Jenn Liv
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I thought of this after I finished a bag of chips this morning …


MASK PARTY: Celebration of Life

On May 31 I invited some of Toronto’s finest to create a mask follow by a lovely gathering that I hosted for our upcoming art show that will be on display this coming weekend on Saturday June 7th at 26. It was one of the biggest and successful gathering that I’ve ever organized. I’m so happy the turn out was amazing and everyone really felt the magic that night with me. There was so many complications that got in the way planning this Mask Party. I originally planed to host a rooftop party however the management office decided to cancel my party due to stupid reasons. I was so devastated when they told me to cancel my party. After months of planning all my hard work was going to shit. When I announced the sad news, everyone was so supportive and encouraged me to follow through with the party. I got home that same day and my mother invited me over to have dinner her. She was so sweet to me because she knew how disappointed I was about the party. My mother had always been a great hostess, she was always the one who brought all our families together whenever we had gatherings. That night we talked and I remember she said to me “you have to take life where it takes you, make the best with what you have…”. I realize she was right, I shouldn’t give up so quickly! I decided to move the party to the park near where I live. I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve change the location at the very last minute. But I wanted to invite anyone to come and just have a wonderful time together.

I got to the park at around 6 pm and it was still bright outside, there were so many kids running around at the playground. By the golden hour everything was perfect, all my guests was slowly making there way to the park. People came with their mask on and surprising me with warm hugs and kisses. I couldn’t be more grateful to see all my friends together. Everyone was admiring each others masks, taking photos, and laughing together. Suddenly we were the kids in the park running around and chasing each other with our masks on. By the end of the night, I brought out sparklers for all of us to share. We lit all the sparklers together at the same time and a beautiful luminescent glow surrounded us. It felt so magical and nostalgic; like I was time traveling. I look over to my left and I see friends that I made 10 years ago and to my right friends I made in the last couple years. It felt like I was celebrating my birthday; my life. Some unexpected guests showed up to the party as well! It was really nice to know that I was bringing people together. I realize this event wasn’t just for artists who created these masks but for everyone who wanted to take part of this special and inspiring evening.

My mother asked me the other day why I was hosting this event. I told her that it was about celebrating life. She looked at me and smiled like a proud mother. In the last 25 years of my life, I’ve had many great sufferings raised by strong but ill parents. For so long I’ve always felt like my family lived in a life with an expiry date. Until recently I realized that I need to just be grateful with what I have now and appreciate these moments that I can share with people who I love so much. I was speaking to a friend yesterday and she mention this quote she knew “vitam vive, ama vitam” (live life, and love life) those are exactly the words that I live by. My parents has been the biggest supporters of my life and has always put their best interests in my passions. I feel very privileged to be raised by a loving family and being surrounded by amazing people all my life.

I spend most of my nights wondering what is my purpose in life is. I think about what really makes me happy. I concluded that I love bring people together and the Mask Party was my gift to everyone who wanted to feel inspired and experience something beautiful. It was my way to thank all my friends for being here in my life. I want to thank you  again for everyone for being so supportive and amazing. The true magic really lies within us, spreading the magic and being together made it all magical. It was truly inspiring and a  memorable experience that I will always cherish so closely to my heart. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For more pictures you can see my recent post on my flickr account and my instagram (#MaskOnTO)

I will be there on June 7th alongside with some amazing artists at the opening. If you can’t make it this weekend, not to worry because it will be there for a month!