scratchy linear 

1 week ago on 09/22/14 at 09:26am
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keep your sweaters close and your pets closer. #cold #illustration #artistsontumblr

1 week ago on 09/19/14 at 05:31pm

My piece for Emily Taylor’s Baker’s Dozen risograph zine ! The zine will be printed in neon pink and ivy green and will debut at Canzine 2014 !

1 week ago on 09/18/14 at 12:45pm
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dream wardrobe, dream posse #wip

3 weeks ago on 09/08/14 at 10:44pm
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magic trick

1 month ago on 08/26/14 at 03:18pm
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Rare Item

1 month ago on 08/23/14 at 11:17am
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plant care #illustration #artistsontumblr

1 month ago on 08/17/14 at 02:37pm

Small Ass Zines for @nessleee!

1 month ago on 08/14/14 at 03:48pm
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I’ve got my hands tied with a big project coming up so I’m going to be postponing Polaris for now. This is a sneak peek of what I was going to post this week! Promise I’ll have this up and running as soon as I can! #polariscomic

1 month ago on 08/14/14 at 12:04pm
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I’m feeling angsty

1 month ago on 08/13/14 at 10:17pm
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Interior illustrations for the minizines I’m making for Ness Lee’s S.A.Z! ✨ nessleee

1 month ago on 08/08/14 at 07:44pm
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6B samurai

1 month ago on 08/08/14 at 11:14am
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Almost done! Planning on releasing the first page to my new weekly webcomic Polaris sometime next week! #polariscomic

1 month ago on 08/05/14 at 05:27pm
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TEST PANEL #polariscomic #wip

Another character design for my upcoming comic: Mari ! I really really really like shoulder pads. #polariscomic #wip