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  1. 'Ingrid the Shapeshifter' for Light Grey Art Lab’s Rolemodels Exhibition.

    "All geometric forms answer to the command and 3-dimensional prowess of young Ingrid. Able to manipulate any triangular prism, cuboid, or mind-bendingly complex -Hedron, evildoers of the highest degree shall cower from her mastery over all shapekind. Despite her geometrical genius, Ingrid has been known to fail at all other kinds of math."

    This piece will appear alongside many other magnificent heroes and evildoers on October 25th to November 30th. It is also part of a limited edition RPG card deck game designed by LGAL: The Battle for Vyk’Tornaahl. Check out all the other amazing character designs in the show here!

    PRINTS of this piece are currently on sale here!
    PRE-ORDER ‘The Battle for Vyk’Tornaahl’ Card deck here!

    Thanks again to Light Grey Art Lab for letting me nerd out on this one!

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